Animation System

Built a skeletal animation system from scratch in C++.

  • Created the skeleton and joint hierarchy by parsing in Collada files.
  • Created everything from scratch including the maths library.
  • Implemented animation blending between a walking and running animation clip.

Celestial Ascension

Celestial Ascension is a twin stick shooter built in C++ and SFML. This was a two person collaborative team project. Below are my contributions to the project.

  • Menu GUI and Game UI system
  • Particle system with custom memory pool allocator.
  • Simulated background grid system with custom spring physics and point masses that react to bullets moving and explosions.
  • Post-processing bloom effect

We won Best In Visual Engineering at Games Fleadh 2018.

Fusion Rush

Created a game called Fusion Rush as part of the Games Studio Ireland Challenge competition. It was built in my own custom engine i created using OpenGL and C++. The engine had features such as:

  • Resource manager with a custom hash table.
  • Online Leader-board with Account Registration and Sign In.
  • Model loading.
  • GLSL Shader loading.
  • Debug Rendering manager.
  • Custom Math Library.

I won Best In Visual Engineering at Games Fleadh 2017.

The source for Fusion Rush is on my GitHub: Link

GameSparks did a blog post about my game entry: GameSparks Blog

Dazzer Ray

Dazzer Ray is a CPU based multi-threaded ray tracer written in C++ with a clean and simple API.

Features include:

  • Multithreaded.
  • Depth of field.
  • Motion blur.
  • Model loading.
  • Bounding Volume Hierarchy accelerated structure.

The source is on my GitHub: Link

Click on the images below to view them.

OpenGL Graphics Demo

Implemented a series of graphics demos using OpenGL and C++. I used GLFW for window management and input, Assimp for model loading, SOIL for image loading and ImGui for the GUI. Everything else is written from scratch.

The demo showcases different rendering concepts such as:

  • Dynamic Scene Cube Mapping.
  • Omnidirectional Shadow Mapping.
  • Directional Shadow Mapping.
  • Instancing.
  • High Dynamic Range Lighting.
  • Deferred Rendering.
  • Stencil Reflections.
  • Stencil Outline.
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.
  • Steep Parallax Mapping.

The source of this demo is on my GitHub: Link

3D Physics Engine

The engine is written in C++. I used GLFW for window management and ImGui for GUI.  Everything else is written from scratch.

The physics tech demo here features:

  • Cloth Soft Body Physics.
  • Rigid Body Dynamics.
  • Particle Constraints.
  • Broad Phase and Narrow Phase Collision.

The source for the Physics Engine is available on my GitHub: Link