Starting college and my passion for programming.

Today I started college at IT Carlow to study Games Development. I’m very excited for my future and working towards achieve my dream of working in the games industry.  College isn’t for everybody, I myself strongly believe self education is the only true education there is, but a lot can be gained by going to college. Having the chance to network with a lot of people, using a lot of the books in the library and using the course as a guide to what to learn and going beyond that outside class are my main points.

Doesn’t my face just shout enthusiasm!!!

I’ve been working on my portfolio for a while now. My current project is a physics engine and I want to achieve and industry standard with it. By industry standard I mean I plan to achieve the rigid bodies simulations you would see in AAA games, from rag dolls to environment physics props to car physics. Industry standard is what I want my portfolio to be after 4 years of college. I will be writing more tech related to Animation and AI and have I have started handmade hero to learn more about low level programming. This will be a fun journey!

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