Resource Lookup with Custum HashTable

When working on my OpenGL tech demo, i needed to look up resources that were loaded, sources such as models, shaders or cube maps. I did this using std::map. When starting to work on my games fleadh game from scratch again i wanted to change how i did resource look up. I decided to roll my own hash table along with create my own hash function  using fvn-1a.

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Dynamic Cube Mapping In OpenGL

I had quite a bit of trouble getting dynamic environment cube mapping work when i first tried it so i thought i would make a blog post on how to set up the framebuffer and rendering the scene to a cubemap. I should note that this method does not do it in one render pass. This is something i will come back to and make a future blog post on. For now this is how i set up a cube map by rendering the scene 6 times, each render pass for a different side of the cube.

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Determinant Predicates

When re-reading Real-Time Collision Detection by Christer Ericson i came across a section called Determinant Predicates in Chapter 3 A Math and Geometry Primer. I thought it was interesting that from just filling a matrix with data such a points in space and finding the determinate of that matrix you could do geometrical tests. Although the tests are not the most efficient ways for solving the problems outlined here i just wanted to make an implementation in C++ to test it myself.

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Global Game Jam 2016

This year once again I participated in Global Game Jam, it was the first time I participated in a game jam with the college. Outside of college I’ve done many game jams from Game Craft in Cork, Limerick and Dublin and also the annual NUI Galway game jam. I’ve done game craft unplugged as well, a game jam about making games outside the means of electronic play.

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