Fusion Rush

The Journey

Fusion Rush’s development started in August 21st 2016. When the theme ‘Racing Game’ for Game Studio Ireland Challenge was announced i wanted to give my self the challenge of making a 3D game outside of a proprietary engine that was already available to the public.

Early engine development test.

Model loading, test rendering and some debug drawing facility which where later used for checking bounding boxes of collided obstacles and collision rebound normal’s. I didn’t have a name for the game yet or a very clear idea of what i wanted to make so i called it ProjectShard. Shard being a reference to a building in the game Mirrors Edge.


Some times i would set down at 1:00 am in the morning and play my game.


Games Fleadh

I woke up extra early to do a set up test and make sure everything was working. Controller input, online leader boards and general things that i wanted to go right. I packed up all my stuff and headed off. I felt like i was going to PAX!! But i was going to a Irish game competition.